My Voyage Through Time

I have been taking some time to learn more about my chakras. I want to better understand myself emotionally, physically and mentally~ how I feel inside and out~ how I think. Chakras are energy locations within our bodies. Hinduism and Buddhism both teach that these energy locations can be manipulated to make us better and whole people. Some people refer to the chakra as an energy wheel or vortex.

The chakra I am interested in starting with is my heart chakra. It is the strongest energy source. The green energy vortex of the heart is the central point of balance which corresponds with unconditional love, the acceptance of self and others, and true connection. Learning about and manipulating the energy of my heart chakra will allow me to better understand myself, as well as my connection with others.

This chakra is at the center of all relationships. It involves thoseā€¦

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~ by Life of Simplicity on February 18, 2013.

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